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Inner Landscapes | Patricia Ziad

Welsh Cameraless Photographer, Patricia Ziad showcases her latest landscape works in ESPY's Online Gallery ​ We are delighted to announce that our third virtual show will feature the work of Wales based artist and photographer Patricia Ziad, and her series of chemigrams works responding to the landscape. ​ Patricia Ziad is a photographer/artist and works from her studio in Penarth. She specialises in documentary photography and alternative processes. Patricia has an M.A. with a distinction in Documentary Photography from USW Newport. In 2013 she won the Welsh Artist of the Year, Student Award. She was chair of Women’s Arts Wales from 2015-18. A selection of her work is currently on show in ‘Ode to Anna’ with Phrame Wales in Llantarnam Grange Art Centre and she was an exhibitor in the Phrame exhibition “Everywoman” in the Senedd, the National Assembly of Wales. Works in the exhibition embody Patricia's close familiarity with the spaces, textures and patterns seen in rural Wales, and how they are resonated in her imagination through the process of using chemigrams - a technique that she has spent years researching and experimenting with where resists and traditional dark room chemicals are used to create an image on light sensitive paper. ​ The exhibition will launch on Friday 21st of May in our online gallery. ​ To see more of Patricia's work click here.

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